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Department of Architecture and engineering research

40021, Sumy, H. Kondratyeva street 160, room. 431 e, phone. (0542) 78-74-75

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History of the Department 

Since 1996 the department of an architecture and engineering researches was found. It was headed by assistant professor M.S. Galinskiy. In 1997 the department was headed by candidate of technical science, assistant professor I. A. Vysochin. Since 2003 in case of the reorganization of the faculty was made the single department of building and architecture, which was headed by the candidate of technical science I.A. Vysochin. Then in 2005 in case of the reorganization of the engineer and technologic faculty the department of architecture and engineering searches was separated, which is headed by candidate of technical science, assistant professor I.A. Vysochin.

Teaching staff of Department

Staff includes 2 associate professors, 4 senior lecturers.

The Department carries out training of specialists in the area " Industrial and civil construction"

Prospects for the development of the department:

Opening direction "Architecture" specialty " Architecture of buildings and structures" in 2014


Staff of the department

Vysochyn Ivan A., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chair, corresponding member of the Academy of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine

Gvozd Victor S., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Masliy Inna V., Senior Lecturer

Savchenko Lydia G., Senior Lecturer

Galushka Sergey A., Senior Lecturer

Chehrynets Anna M., Senior Lecturer


Academic disciplines

Architecture of buildings and constructions

Architecture, landscaping and planning of rural places

Urban planning and transport

Transport connections

Water and wastewater

Heat and Ventilation

Introduction to building case

Fundamentals of Systems Analysis

Research and design of agricultural buildings

Engineering Graphics (special course)

Computer Technology in Construction

Design and Construction of the production and processing of livestock products

Engineering survey

Engineering geology

Landscape Architecture

Fundamentals of Urban Development

Building Materials

Special course number 1 " Additional distribution of construction drawings in AUTOCAD"

Special course number 2 " Specificity water supply and sanitation in areas with low temperatures


Scientific research

-         The specifics of the design and features of the architectural space of the metropolis (Associate Professor Vysochyn I.A. ) 

-         Collapsible design for farm households ( agricultural production) (Senior Lecturer Galushka S.A.)

-         Stress-strain state of reinforced concrete crane girders as part of the space frame industrial building with stopping power (assistant Chehrynets A.M.)


Ready to cooperation:

- Visual perception Architecture;

- Modeling visual perception;

- Urban and architectural spaces;

- Migration processes in large cities;

- Effective design of buildings and structures;

- Scientific research on the use of Guyed - rod systems architectural designs of the XXI century in architecture, design and construction;

- The practical development of buildings using Guyed - rod designs (design, manufacture and application of in situ in buildings );

- Analysis and design of spatial coverage;

- Analysis and design of mobile, collapsible lightweight structures;

- For research collaboration structures.


Thursday, 22 March 2018
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Direct speech

ValeriyZhmaylov, Vice-Rector for Scientific, Pedagogical and Educational Work: Very soon - on February 6th - Ukraine will begin registration on the external testing, which will last until March 19, 2018. This year in Sumy region 10 thousand people, including more than 3,000 Sumy citizens will undergo the process of external independent testing. Read more...

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