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Valerii Zhmailov, Vice -Rector for Research and Educational work:

The processes of decentralization that are actively developing in the country, increase revenues to the local budgets and expand their involvement. However, the main revenues to the budgets of different levels form the personal income taxes. To increase the taxes it is necessary to create workplaces, promote entrepreneurship, small and medium businesses. The desire for changing economic situation must be supported by appropriate knowledge of how to do it. That is why at the beginning of the academic year Startup Center was created in Sumy National Agrarian University.

How was the composition of Startup chosen?

Startup of SNAU was formed from the creative students, graduate students and agrointerns - on the one hand, and scholars and practitioners - on the other. Thus, appropriate creative groups were established on the profile of faculties and departments, who work independently, develop selected business areas and create innovative products.

Now Startup center brings together 12 creative groups which take into account the advantages and disadvantages of modern agriculture business. Thus, at the Biotechnological Department, a team of undergraduate and graduate students under the leadership of Professor Yurii Bondarenko actively works on the creation of a family farm for rearing mulard ducks; Professor Mykola Povod imparts his scientific approaches and practical experiences of modern pig farming for students who are interested in building their own mini-farm. Other departments do not lag behind. Associate Professor of the Veterinary Medicine Department Oleksandr Reshetylo shares his knowledge and experience with students who wish to start their own business by implementing the project of mobile veterinary pharmacy. In turn, experienced scientists of Food Technologies Department, associate professor Yuliia Nazarenko and Viktoriia Tsyhura substantiate with students the effectiveness of creating private mini-workshops on the production of sausages and dairy products on their own recipes. In addition, at the Agrotechnologies and Environmental Use Department Roman Yaroshchuk imparts the students his knowledge and skills in growing ornamental plants, which not only decorate the area, but also are beneficial to health.

Are there any results of startup?

Little time has passed since the inception of a startup to talk about the success of the implemented projects. However, there are the examples when participants of the startup have moved from paper-business projects to business. So here is an example of two brothers Mykhailo and Vladyslav Soloshenko from the village Tokari. They started building their own organic mini-pig farm where they annually plan to grow and sell 150 pigs. Last year, for the realization of their dream, they spent more than 100 thousand hryvnas. This year they plan to develop 150 thousand.

The idea of an own farm appeared after an internship in one of the Danish farms which specializes in pig production.  The guys have been staying there for four months, and during this time they have acquired the necessary experience of managing and ideas about their own business future. Therefore, together with consultants of startup center, they have realized their dreams.

Can interested persons from rural areas become members of a startup?

Our startup is open to all interested persons. Therefore, even people from remote parts of the region can become the members of a startup. For this purpose, a special web portal Center was created. There you can sign up, fill out a short questionnaire. This questionnaire gives you an opportunity to determine the direction in which there is an interest to work and select consultants. So, along with the students and agrointerns, one can get the necessary knowledge to create their own business.

We work closely with the Sumy Regional State Administration and the Regional Council; we were involved in developing the regional development Strategy of Sumy Region for the period until 2020, the Program of the development of agro-industrial complex and rural areas for the period until 2020, and now we contribute to their implementation. Therefore, the creation and startup activity will only help the development of small and medium enterprises.

What are the plans of startup for the future?

We plan to attract more students, agrointerns and interested residents of rural areas. In order everyone with leadership skills and required knowledge could have confidence in their plans, have a decent job and receive adequate payment for their work. This is the work of our scientists-consultants of the center. So I hope that in the near future we will get vivid examples of successful projects that will contribute to the development of Sumy region and the whole economy of the state.



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