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15.2Easter is the day of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, one of the most important and solemn holidays for Orthodox Christians.

In Ukraine, it is called Easter. This is the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. It bears all the sense of orthodoxy - God himself died for people, raised from the dead, thus depriving the people from the power of sin and death.


Over the years Christ's Resurrection is celebrated in the range from the 4th of April to the 8th of May.

This year Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter on April 16. We asked the senior priest of the temple of St. Valentine Father Mykolai (Polishchuk) some questions concerning the right way of preparation to this holiday and its celebration.

Easter is coming. What is the right way of preparation to this holiday?

Of course, there are certain rules and rituals, how to behave and what to do in preparation for Easter. The forms of the external reality are also very important. Yet most important is the internal training. One of the conditions to prepare for the Orthodox holiday is the observance of Lent, which lasts 40 days. At this time it is important to go to church, to live with peace in mind.

Are there any rules what can be brought to the church in the Easter basket?

I can say it for sure that none brings meat, dairy and meat products and goods. Usually it is possible to bring Easter cakes and Easter eggs in the Easter baskets.

When can I go to the cemetery during Easter holidays?

The whole Easter week you should not visit the cemetery. This religious festival is a celebration of life, and we must carry it out alive, and then the next week you can go to those who are in another world.

What would you wish the visitors of our site on the eve of Easter?

First of all I wish joy. This holiday is joyful and solemn. May God bless everyone who celebrates it, feeling that God did not forget about him and will help him. I wish God could give health, strength and well-being to everyone and even in these difficult days our hearts could be filled with tranquility and peace.



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