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The history of the Institute dates back to 2003.


The main tasks of the Institute are:

  • to perform all kinds of post diploma education;

  • to provide with qualitative educational, research, design, consultative, informational and practical intermediary services;

  • to meet the needs for skilled and highly qualified specialists who can competently implement the latest technologies in production;

  • to promote further social and economic development of society.


Besides, the Institute promotes the rural areas of Sumy region, provides training of consultant, organizational and methodological support of their certification, organizes the groups of experts and consultants to provide consultative support both for consultants and specialists in agrarian formations of different forms of ownership, takes an active part in research promotion of scientists from Sumy National Agrarian University helping them to implement the practice of agricultural production.


Former Directors of the Institute:

Holovko H. M. – Candidate of Economic Sciences (since 30 August, 2000);

Sokolov M.O. – Candidate of Economic Sciences (since 3 May, 2006);

Kabanets V. M. – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (since 1 September, 2006);

Podhaetsky A.A. – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (since 14 February, 2008);




Staff List:

The Director

Kravchenko Nataliya Volodymyrivna

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor







Ostapenko Anna Valentynivna


435 lectures, among them 12% of Doctors of Sciences, 10% of Professors, 78% of Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors take part in educational process of the Institute



  • training of specialists according to their profession and positions;

  • workshops combined the solution of urgent agricultural problems in the region;

  • consultative activities;

  • scientific and informational support of national and regional development of agricultural economy;

  • consultation of agrarians in Sumy region;

  • development of projects as for improving informational links in the regional social and economic agricultural business, their advertising and support in the implementation.

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Mykola Kovalenko, Vice -Rector for Research, Educational, Economic and Innovation Work: Read more...

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