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18_01On the third Thursday in May Ukrainians celebrate the day of the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt (vyshyvanka). And the Ukrainian beauty, presented by the embroidered shirts, flowers and wreaths at the girls' hairstyles, smiling faces, sparkling eyes, can be seen in the streets, in offices and classrooms.

At SNAU everybody loves this holiday and every year on this day our University blooms with beauty and smiles. 

A group photo of students, faculty and staff, wearing the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts, at the main building has become a good tradition. Of course, the meaning of the holiday is much deeper than just to show off in a stylish outfit and make a new picture for profile picture :) Putting on this shirt, we demonstrate our unity, love to Ukrainian culture and traditions, public spirit and devotion to Ukraine.

Therefore, on May 18, 2017, despite the morning rain and cool weather, students and staff of the university came to SNAU wearing the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts. Thanks God, the weather changed for the better and they could take a traditional photo in the embroidered shirts.

Congratulations to all who consider themselves to be Ukrainians. We thank those who took part in the celebration. Join us next year, because this is really patriotic, beautiful and stylish!


Friday, 26 May 2017
Іноземні студенти мають талант!
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