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20_1September 20, 2017 at Sumy NAU a meeting on scientific work was held. Scientific and pedagogical workers of all faculties took part in it.


“At present, we can talk about the sustainable development of our university in the context of scientific work”, the rector of SNAU Volodymyr Ladyka said, opening the meeting. – “But there are some issues to be solved, and their resolution depends on each member of our team”.

The head of scientific and research department, Jurii Danko, reported on the results of scientific work. He also stressed that the year hadn’t finished yet, so we could hope to improve those results.

To improve and develop international scientific cooperation, we should work in various directions.

Oleksandr Maslak, vice-rector of scientific work, reported on the financial results of scientific activity of SNAU. He noted that four new laboratories and 2 educational and practical centers had been opened at our university. And by the end of 2017 it is planned to open two more laboratories and two educational and practical centers.

To summarize the abovementioned, the rector said that despite the fairly good performance, all university scientists needed to work as much as possible not only to keep the leading position of SNAU, but also to improve it significantly.


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Direct speech

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