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8_2Sumy National Agrarian University, having entered the international level and having stable relations with foreign partners in many directions, has been cooperating with Dutch specialists for many years already.


So, in spring the representatives of the Dutch University HAS together with Difco International BV and its executive director, René Kremers, actively worked on the implementation of a sustainable dairy farming project in Ukraine, during which seminars and practical classes for students and teachers of biology and technology Faculty and Faculty of Economics and Management on nutrition, feed costs, evaluation of silage quality, cow signals, theory of cost and theory of cash flow, cost structure, etc. were held. According to the Dutch partners, they were pleased with the cooperation with Sumy National Agrarian University and saw a huge potential in our institution.

Therefore, the continuation of such cooperation on December 8, 2017 was presented by a working meeting of representatives of the Dutch-Ukrainian dairy center with experts and administration of Sumy National Agrarian University.

It was about implementing the DUDC training program on dairy farm management - a world-class development program for future leading managers of the primary dairy industry, who will be able to effectively develop themselves and their business and will get to know how to achieve the highest quality product at a minimum cost per kg, while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

The training course is a successful combination of theory and practice in dairy cattle breeding, management, economics and personal development.

The requirements for candidates - future leading managers of the primary dairy industry - are as follows: a sufficient level of English proficiency (at least Upper Intermediate level), a bachelor's degree in veterinary, zoo-engineering technology or agribusiness, experience in a dairy farm and, most important, - high motivation.

The program will consist of three main blocks: applied knowledge and skills, economics and management, and personal development. The Applied Knowledge and Skills block contains such topics as training on cow signals; milk quality, milk quality and health of the udder; harvesting of feed; animal care and veterinary procedures; cow signals: room for cows; processing and use of manure; fertility. The block "Economics and Management" will consist of the following topics: public administration; economics; breeding; farm management software; key performance indicators; standard operating procedures. And the third, equally important block of the program is "Personal Development": communicative skills; negotiation and persuasion skills; presentation skills; meeting skills, etc.


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