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27_3On February 26, a solemn summing up of the results of the first Media School of Sumy National Agrarian University took place.


The weeks of interesting lectures and practice on television are behind, the projects have already been written, and it’s high time to determine whether the students of the school managed to master such a complex media literacy.

After verifying the projects it became clear that each speaker found his audience. All the topics covered in the Media School lessons are reflected in the final works.

The jury summed up the results, analyzed the shortcomings and "rays" of each project, and out of twenty participants they noted six, whose work turned out to be the most interesting.

Thus, the project of the associate professor of the Department of International Relations Natalia Kletsova, dedicated to the creation of online support on the site, was noted as the most relevant. The project initiated byDaria Kryvula, who proposed to create STUDENT_SNAU_NEWS, wassupportedunanimously. At the same time, she focuses on youth work in order to attract as many students as possible to the dissemination of media literacy at SNAU.

The jury highly appreciated Lyudmila Zhurba's project to create a mobile application for SNAU.

Anna Budakova proposed to the jury a one-day scenario for the Radio SNAU at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. At the same time, taking into consideration the practical experience, she decided not to be limited to the music block, but also pay special attention to the work of the speaker.

An extremely informative result of the two-weeks’ work project was presented by Tetyana Pankova, who clearly justified the expediency of the future existence of the Media School.

We hope that the projects developed for the Media School will be implemented successfully at our university.


Thursday, 22 March 2018
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Direct speech

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