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12_4On April 18, a presentation of the possibilities of the Institute of International Education, the Fulbright Program for Ukrainian students and researchers will take place at SNAU.



The United States Science Exchange Program is sponsored by the State Department and has a prominent place in the international education system. The basic idea of ​​the program is interaction and mutual understanding. Today, this program operates in 155 countries of the world. The SNAU staff are also interested in programs of scholarships organized with the support of the Fulbright Foundation.

Authorized representatives of the Program invite students and teachers of SNAU for the presentation of exchange programs.

This year the Fulbright Program announces the following contests:

FulbrightGraduateStudentProgram (a program for senior students and university graduates) involves studying at American universities from one to two years to earn a Master's degree.

The deadline for submitting applications is May 16 each year.

FulbrightForeignLanguageTeachingAssistant (Ukrainian language teaching) at US universities / colleges. Teachers and young specialists specializing in linguistics, Ukrainian literature, translation studies, communications, journalism, American studies, and English language teaching can participate in the competition.

Deadline for submission of applications is June 1 every year.

FulbrightScholarProgram (scholarships for candidates and doctors of sciences, researchers and post-graduate students) involves conducting research in US universities, research centers, libraries, museums, archives, etc. from a period of three to nine months.

Deadline for applications is October 15 every year.

FulbrightResearchandDevelopmentProgram (Scholarship for Young Teachers and Researchers) involves conducting research at US universities lasting from six to nine months. People under 40 years of age with two years of professional experience can participate in the competition: teachers; graduate students and researchers who have not yet obtained a degree; candidates of science (not later than 5 years after thesis defence); administrators of higher educational establishments; employees of research institutions; journalists; specialists in library, museum and archives; specialists in the field of cultural management; employees of public organizations.

Deadline for applications is November 1 every year.

The features of the Fulbright Program are not limited to a list of major contests, and the organizers are always happy to help with the selection of the most relevant program.

We will wait for everyone at the meeting-presentation on April 18 at 11 a.m. in room 329!


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