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7_1An open architectural competition of projects for the improvement of the interior space of the Park Square “City of Flowers” has started.

April 15 Park Square “City of Flowers” launches an open Ukrainian architectural competition for the best draft project for the improvement of the yard space.



“It is important for us that every person in the park quarter feels comfortable to live, rest, walk with children and play sports. An open competition is an opportunity to make the interior space of the complex a favorite place for rest of our inhabitants”, AndriiTaratushko, a marketer at the enterprise “Obolon” said.

Competitors must create a project of complex improvement with diverse kinds of public spaces: children's and sports grounds, recreation areas, green plantations.

Following the results of voting on June 15, the winners will be announced on the competition website. The lucky winner of the first place will receive 50 000 UAH, and his project will be implemented with the observance of copyright. In the second place, a cash prize of 20,000 UAH is envisaged, and the participant who will rank third, will receive, along with other prize winners, special conditions for the purchase of the apartment.

The jury will evaluate the projects according to the following criteria:

- compliance with the target qualities and attributes of public space and modern urban environment;

- complexity of the idea and quality of architectural and landscape solutions;

- creation of accessible environment and universal design taking into account the needs of all users of this space, including low mobility population groups;

- all-time functioning and possibility of further exploitation and preservation of the design decision;

- the possibility of implementing competitive projects in the established economic constraints;

- the quality of the proposed solutions, individuality, innovation;

- compliance with current state building codes and rules of Ukraine.

The competition is held in one round, architects and landscape designers, teams, young specialists and students of related specialties are invited to participate. The jury will include representatives of the Park Square “City of Flowers”, leading architects of the country and experts in related industries.

Works are accepted until June 8, 2018, announcement of the results will take place on June 15, 2018. You can find out more on the website of the competition and Park Square “City of Flowers”.


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