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5_1Are you the first-year student of SNAU? Then we really envy you, because our university provides hundredsof opportunities for development. It was told at the “Fair of Opportunities” for freshmentoday.


Traditionally, all creative collectives of Sumy National Agrarian University and representatives of sports sections attended the fair. This traditional event is intended to get acquainted the first-year students with the teams who know exactly how to make leisure time bright and memorable.

SNAUstarsadvertised their creative teamswith zeal. The ensemble of modern ballroom dance “Sway”, led by YuriySergeyev(0504070203)and KseniaBlumska-Danko, attracted attention of the visitors with numerous awards and bright photos from various competitions.

If you do not imagine your life without folk dances, OlhaHetmanenko (0958740029), thehead of the folk dance ensemble “Vesna”, will help you to become a true star.

The modern dance ensemble “Sharm” with its founderE.Tatarchenko(0507294297) brought together all the fans of modern choreography.

If you do not like dancing and just do not imagine your life without sports, so flee to SerhiyKhomenko (0506829883), who heads the sports sections.

Acting student Rector Darya Nazarenko (0668871262) welcomed to jointhe student self-government.

Anyone interested in practice abroad should contact the International Department, where LarysaIvanivnaKalachevska (70-10-30) will gladly tell about the possibilities forSNAU students to have practice in another country.



Friday, 19 October 2018
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