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8_1November 7, a training session on analytics of agrarian markets was heldat Sumy National Agrarian University.


AndriyYarmak, a leading economist of FAO Investment Department, the head of many projects and an expert on agrarian policy, talked to students and university professors about the principles of the work of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). In a live dialogue, the speaker discussed with the audience the issues of pricing and factors that affect it.

The next speaker, AndriyPankratov, an international consultant and analyst at FAO, focused on the balance of supply and demand. Students have shown a great interest in this issue, since this is usually not included in the curriculum at a university. The speaker also dwelt in detail on statistics and sources of statistical information.

The third expert was KaterynaZvereva, FAO International Consultant, Project Manager East-Fruit.com FAO / EBRD in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus. She described the very important and interesting information about the structure of market news and about the secrets of writing articles that they want to read up to the end. The speaker also talked about types of market information and its source. During her report, students were able to see the close connection between analytics and journalism.

AndriyYarmak said that the main purpose of the seminar at Sumy NAU is to maximize FAO's assistance in developing the level of knowledge of future specialists. He emphasized the lack of skilled personnel in the agrarian sector and the problem of misunderstanding of the importance of marketing.

At the final stage of the training on analytics of agrarian markets, individual tasks were distributed to the students of SNAU. Those students who will cope with it and show their best will become candidates for the internship program in FAO. They will be able to significantlyincrease their professional level, work with active analysts and join in solving the main task of this international organization - to create a world that does not know hunger.


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