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Leonhard-Euler Scholar Programme


Programme Guide, Aim 

Leonhard-Euler Scholar Exchange Programme is aimed to intensify the relations between young Ukrainian scientists and German higher education institutions, to promote mutual international scientific projects and to contribute to the training of young teaching staff through Ukrainian higher educational establishments (e.g. during study period).
The Programme represents nine-month scholar study combined with one-month scientific training in the German Partner University. During study, young Ukrainian tutors and young scientists should work under the mutual control of Ukrainian as well as German scientific advisers of higher education institutions.
For intensifying of professional links in one or more related branches of science between German and Ukrainian higher educational establishments the Programme purposes the following aims:
• Intensify the relations between Ukrainian junior researches and German Universities;
• Raise the level of Ukrainian junior researchers;
• Promote common International Scientific Projects;

Applicants and Scholarships

The Leonhard-Euler Scholar Programme is for young scientists, specialized, first of all, in engineering and life sciences. The applicants must be the graduate, who has already defended a Degree Work (for example, Master Degree Work) and currently are on postgraduate study. The participants of the Programme get scholarship for preparing their Thesis. Besides, all the scholars are provided with one-month paid accommodation in the German hostel. The scholars must have certain language knowledge and be available for communication in German.
German higher education institutions, which are specialized in one or more related branches and have scientific links with Ukrainian Universities, can apply to DAAD for participation in this project. Only one agreement for ten scholarships can be signed with every Partner University in Ukraine.
The Programme contains:
1. Encouraging Ukrainian post-graduates in making their Thesis.
2. Short (no more than one month) stay of one Ukrainian junior researcher in the German University with scientific and educative purpose in the context of preparing Thesis
3. Invitating Ukrainian teaching staff to the German higher education institutions for 14 days for coordinating mutual work and scientific serving of scholars;
4. Visiting Partner Universities by German tutors during the period no more than 14 days for coordinating mutual work, choosing the candidates and scientific serving of scholars.

Deadline for Application

DAAD accepts the applications for participation in the project no later than February 28th of current year.

Outcome of the Project

Since 2004 during the period of cooperation between the Sumy National Agrarian University and the Neurtingen-Geislingen University 17 young scientists have participated in the Project. According to the project the cooperation is implemented in 3 scientific branches: Agronomy, Live-stock Breeding and Mechanization in Agriculture.
Annual dynamics of the number of the Project participants varies in accordance with urgency of their research. 


Research Branch 

- Correlation of the estimation of type of cow’s constitution of Simmental Breed in domestic and foreign selection and their technological characteristics

- Optimization of the elements of growing black radish in the conditions of Sumy Region

- Selective features of forming of desirable type of the constitution of Brown Swiss Cows

- Technological forecasting of the level of machinery for chemical fertilizers application. Promotion of the ideas of increasing competitiveness of domestic machinery

- Influence of biophysical and biochemical characteristics to the embryogenesis of poultry

- Agrobiological features of decorative sunflowers in the conditions of the forest-steppe area of Ukraine

- Substantiation evaluation system of breading worth of main species of milk cows in the region of activity of the Sumy State Selection Centre

- Agrobiological features of winter rapes in the conditions of the north-eastern region of forest-steppe

- Valuation of reproductive and efficient characteristics of Brown Swiss Cows with different genotype

- Agrobiological and ecological evaluation of indices of field similarity of sunflower seeds in the conditions of the north-eastern region of Ukraine

- Population analysis of legumes on water-meadow of the river Psel in the conditions of economic use

- Searching the technology of tube beading and their mechanical processing while making autotractor radiators

- Selective-genetics characteristics and the ways of forming of high-productive Brown Swiss cows in the conditions of forest-steppe of Ukraine

- Determination of the factors aimed to intensify ripening and increasing of yield of soybeans in the conditions of the north-eastern region of Ukrainian forest-steppe

- Breeding the calves of Simmental Breed using the fodder of the own production

- Efficient and biological features of young minks using the output of the microbiological synthesis «Blakeslea Trispora»

On support of the scientific advisers from German Partner University five scholars studied during one month and were trained in the Neurtingen-Geislingen University. They got to know advanced methods of research, methods of organization of agriculture and maintenance of agricultural machinery in producing of products of agriculture and horticulture. Also, they had an opportunity to work with library fund of the Partner University and choose the necessary materials for their scientific project.
It’s necessary to admit that 6 scholars have completed their Ph. D. thesis in Ukraine and got the Degree of the Candidate of Agricultural Sciense.
Cooperation between the Sumy National Agrarian University and the Neurtingen-Geislingen University in the context of the Leonhard-Euler Scholar Programme is continuing in 2009. 10 candidates are going to participate in the competition for getting DAAD scholarship.


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